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We understand that having to go overseas for addiction treatment and mental health care comes with its fair share of hassles and uncertainties.

Affordable Rehabs solves this problem by ensuring that our clients are safely taken care of the moment they step off the plane right up to when they are admitted to the private rehab centre.

Our service is designed to give clients, their families, and co-dependents peace of mind by not having to worry about the logistics involved.

Our Philippine based Australian Managing Director has a very good understanding of how rehabs operate in the Philippines and will also serve as a Case Manager for you or your loved one. He will periodically monitor each client’s progress and will ensure that programs are tailored to the individual needs of each person. Progress reports will be provided to the families on a monthly basis and each person will receive a relapse prevention plan upon completion. Our Managing Director will be an Aussie friend that they can rely on.

Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to turn your life around, take this journey, get away from your environmental triggers and allow us to help you focus on the most important thing… you, your health and your future.

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