Why choose the Philippines?

The Philippines has long been a popular destination for Australians, as the country is known for its rich biodiversity, beautiful beaches, and friendly people.

The Philippines also boasts having the highest literacy rate in Asia, with English being widely spoken throughout the country. It has also been a favourite destination for people seeking affordable cosmetic and dental surgery.

However, when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, most people probably think of 30 days in a luxury facility in Thailand or Bali. When considering the Philippines, our 3-month and 6-month treatment programs are actually comparable to the cost of 1 month in Thailand or Bali.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has even highlighted the importance and benefits of long-term rehab treatment and say that “most addicted individuals need at least 3 months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use.”

The Philippine Department of Health (DoH) has recognised and acted on the importance of these findings. They’ve ensured that all accredited rehab facilities must now offer 6-month treatment programs as the new standard. You’ll be pleased to know that the average cost of these programs in the Philippines equates to approximately 1/3 of the monthly rate charged at most Australian private rehabs. In comparison to a luxury 30-day program in Thailand or Bali, our rehab centres are comfortable, and more importantly, our clients receive 6 months in treatment for same price as their monthly rate. The accredited rehabs that we work with are comfortable, safe and provide the right setting for people to be able to heal their mind, body and soul.

Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to turn your life around, take this journey, get away from your environmental triggers and allow us to help you focus on the most important thing… you, your health and your future.

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