Holistic Care

Holistic Care Meaning

The notion of holistic therapy assumes that the self-perception or consciousness of an individual is not to be found in any one particular area but is an integration of the entire person. This includes their physical body, mind, feelings or emotions, and spirit (the higher part of oneself that connects one to others and to an understanding of meaning).  Therefore, holistic care treats the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. That typically means a combination of traditional and what your doctor might call complementary medicine. Holistic care provides an in-depth understanding of patients (or drug/ alcohol addicts) and their various needs for care. It is a custom care solution for each individual.

Holistic care can contribute to patients’ satisfaction with healthcare and help them to accept and assume self-responsibility. It will also result in a better understanding of the effects of illnesses on patients’ responses and their true needs. Holistic therapy is a completely natural and non-invasive treatment, suitable for all ages, which gently but effectively works to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance to encourage the body’s own self-healing. Holistic therapy offers a more natural approach to body healing, although it can be used alongside orthodox medicines.

Holistic Therapy

A holistic approach to therapy delves into the complex nature of conditions such as addiction (drug addiction or alcohol addiction), depression, and anxiety, using a variety of approaches that focus on both the mind, body and spirit. Overall wellbeing is given importance in holistic therapy. In fact, the spiritual nature of many of the 12-Step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous has found its way into all sorts of psychotherapy, including holistic therapy. These groups practice the concept of mindfulness of oneself in the moment.

Holistic therapy attempts to have the individual gain awareness of these connections between the mind, body, and spirit using a number of different techniques. Relaxation, visual imagery, and other bodywork techniques are often used to assist individuals in these issues. Individuals are also encouraged to learn to accept themselves in the moment as they are, where they are, and understand themselves more thoroughly. The goal is to help individuals to develop a much deeper understanding of themselves at all levels, which can often lead to improved self-esteem and self-awareness. Also, once a person has achieved acceptance of themselves, they can better release issues that are causing them distress.

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