Choosing the right drug rehab centre

Once you decide to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you will need to carefully choose a rehab centre that meets your requirements. Finding the right type of treatment is the first step to recovery. Having access to a range of treatment options is great for addicts seeking help, but it can make choosing difficult. So how do you go about finding the most suitable drug rehab centre and treatment that meets your specific needs?

Drug and alcohol rehabs can vary in many different ways. That is, by where the care is given, the duration of treatment, and how intensive and structured the program is. When looking for a suitable treatment, it’s important to find out if the program offers a variety of evidence-based therapies. Ideally, they should be be able to meet your changing needs as you continue in your recovery. Evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have proven to be effective for many people who enter into a drug rehab program.

Inpatient vs Outpatient

In general, drug and alcohol rehab options fit into two main categories: outpatient and inpatient rehab. The severity and type of problem you have with your substance use will determine what type of rehab is best suited for you. It really also depends on your individual needs, your level of commitment and financial circumstances. Right now, the Australian government is struggling to process and rehabilitate the ever increasing number of addicts. Statistics show that in the recent years, the number of people suffering from Substance Use Disorder is on the rise.

The high demand for residential or in-house treatment in rehab centres outnumbers the current availability of services and budget. This is one of the reasons why government rehab centres tend to recommend outpatient treatment. These facilities struggle to process and accommodate large numbers of people seeking inpatient treatment. The other alternative available is the privately owned drug and alcohol rehabs in Australia. Unfortunately, they are usually far too expensive for the majority of people seeking help. This has resulted in Australians opting to go overseas for treatment. For Aussies, it ultimately boils down to affordability, convenience and the quality of the inpatient treatment program.

Why choose Inpatient Rehab Treatment?

But why is inpatient treatment so sought after compared to outpatient programs? Well, you receive 24-hour supervision by trained staff and therapists in inpatient treatment. You also have the comfort of knowing that you’re never alone while battling your addiction. It also helps patients feel a sense of being a part of a community. It’s in this community that patients get to form close bonds and make friends with other residents that are in the same boat. Furthermore,  each day is focused on recovery, through group and individual counselling settings, as well as other treatment exercises.

This controlled environment means that while patients are in treatment, they do not have to deal with the distractions, temptations and worries of daily life. Inpatient rehab programs are best for people who cannot stay sober by themselves. Generally, people in this category are those who are dependent on drugs like opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine or other “hard drugs“. Recovering from these substances isn’t an easy process so addicts looking for help are encouraged to undergo residential treatment for best results. It’s in this type of setting that they stay safe during detox and are able to stay sober over a period of time. Experts say that residential treatment should be for a minimum of 90 days. The longer the better.

What’s best for you

When choosing the best rehab facility for you, keep in mind that there is no overarching regulation of the private rehab industry. This means that you might not always be getting the level of care and professionalism that one would expect. It’s important to do due diligence on the various rehab centres before making your decision. You can do this by checking their accreditations and licenses etc. Affordable Rehabs only works with drug and alcohol rehab facilities that are accredited by the Philippine Department of Health. These rehab centres are staffed with medical and counselling personnel who speak fluent English. These staff members also hold their respective qualifications. Ultimately, the decision between inpatient vs outpatient rehab is yours to make. The important thing is that you find a reputable treatment facility that’ll help you get clean and sober.

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