Drug Rehabs – How much is the price for private drug rehab?

Private residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation is assumed to be expensive. It’s a well-known perception that the cost of private rehab in Australia is well beyond the affordable range of most people with addiction issues. Unfortunately, this opinion is a key factor that prevents many people struggling with substance dependence from entering into treatment. If and when an addicted person is ready and willing to be treated, chances are that a bed in a publicly funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is unavailable and on top of that, there is also a long waiting list. All too often, discouraged by this, many of them don’t bother seeking treatment at all. It’s not uncommon then for a lot of these people to believe that they can try and achieve sobriety on their own, just through sheer will power. Although this is not impossible, data suggests that these types of people are a statistical anomaly and that the majority of people suffering from Substance Use Disorder will require help from a third party. Overwhelming evidence has shown that the chances of relapse are dramatically reduced if the person seeking help participates in a comprehensive inpatient treatment program, particularly a long term one.

The cost of rehab

In principle, the cost of rehab should not be a deterrent to someone from accessing quality drug and alcohol rehab treatment. After all isn’t it fair to suggest that the price of the damages caused by the addiction much higher than the actual price of an addiction treatment and the quality of life itself?  However, affordability of an addiction treatment is still a major factor to consider. To put things in perspective, despite the fact that there are now many luxury rehab options available for Australians, the cost of rehab in these facilities are still well above the reasonable price range acceptable to the majority of people. The good news is, there are now other options available that offer the same quality treatment at a fraction of the price of private drug rehab facilities in Australia. How is this possible? The cost of drug rehab varies from centre to centre, depending on several factors such as the location of the rehab center, the size, number of staff, services offered etc. Australia is known to have one of the highest costs of living in the world, which understandably translates into higher priced goods and services. But does this justify the $30,000 per month price of residential treatment? There are other drug rehab centres that claim to be slightly less expensive but on average, $1,000 a day seems to be the regular price for private rehab admission in Australia. For many Australians, this exorbitant price has resulted in them opting to go overseas for addiction treatment. The demand for better-priced addiction treatment rehab centres has in fact created a supply of overseas rehab centres that offer comprehensive inpatient treatment programs that are not only affordable but also safe and accessible to go to.

1-month luxury rehabs

When it comes to overseas drug and alcohol rehabs, most people think of 30 days in a facility in Thailand or Bali. These countries have been offering luxury rehab treatment for quite some time now at a much more affordable rate than the equivalent drug rehabs in Australia. Once insurance and flights are considered in the equation, the total monthly costs works out to be around AUD $10,000 to $15,000. However, many Aussies who have gone down this route have reported that although they had a pleasant experience, their 1-month stint simply wasn’t long enough to drill down to the underlying issues that were fueling their addiction. One patient who went to a luxury facility in Thailand reported that his 1-month rehab retreat allowed him to “catch a breather” from the insane lifestyle that he was living.  He also acknowledged that although he was not able to peel off all of the onion layers from his psyche, his sleeping and eating patterns had returned back to normal by the end of the program. There was also a notable “renewed sense of purpose” that he felt upon his return back to Australia, however, this unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep him clean and sober in the long term.

Affordable Rehabs in the Philippines

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has highlighted the importance and benefits of long-term rehab treatment and say that “most addicted individuals need at least 3 months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use.” Interestingly, the Philippine Department of Health (DoH) has acknowledged the importance of these findings and acted on them. They’ve ensured that all accredited drug rehab centres must now provide a 6-month treatment program as the new standard. Affordable Rehabs is an Australian company that works with select private accredited drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the Philippines. We have intentionally chosen the Philippines in order to set the average cost of our 6-month programs to be affordable for the average Australian. Our 6-month program equates to approximately 1/3 of the monthly rate charged at most Australian private rehabs. In comparison to a luxury 30-day program in Thailand or Bali, our rehab centres are comfortable, and more importantly, our clients receive 6 months in treatment for the same price as their monthly rate. The accredited rehabs that we work with are very safe and provide the right setting for people to be able to heal their mind, body and soul.

The price of drug and alcohol rehabilitation does not have to be expensive.