• Codependency therapy in Drug Rehab

Codependency Therapy in Drug Rehab

Codependency in addiction In the drug rehab and recovery scene, the term ‘codependent’ is frequently discussed and debated. It’s important to know exactly what this terminology means and how to identify whether you may be a key player in this unhealthy type of relationship. When a person is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, the support that family and other close relationships provide can be

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Recovery Plans for Addiction – a balanced approach

Holistic healing practices in addiction treatment Most Australian drug rehabs no longer confine treatment approaches and individual programs to just the orthodox and traditional addiction treatment practices. When it comes to addiction, it used to be that evidence based methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and 12-Step programs were the recommended treatment protocol for people with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). Addiction is now recognised as

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The cost of drug & alcohol rehab

Drug Rehabs - How much is the price for private drug rehab? Private residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation is assumed to be expensive. It’s a well-known perception that the cost of private rehab in Australia is well beyond the affordable range of most people with addiction issues. Unfortunately, this opinion is a key factor that prevents many people struggling with substance dependence from entering into

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Pets uplift addicts in drug rehab (Animal-Assisted Therapy)

The role of pets in drug rehab Have you ever experienced drug rehab? Animals are much more than our furry companions, they can help people in addiction recovery and even save lives. It’s hard not to love animals. In fact, many people experience a calming effect when petting a cat, dog or other furry friend. Studies have shown that pets help reduce anxiety and promote

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Drug Rehab Australia – Inpatient vs Outpatient

Choosing the right drug rehab centre Once you decide to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you will need to carefully choose a rehab centre that meets your requirements. Finding the right type of treatment is the first step to recovery. Having access to a range of treatment options is great for addicts seeking help, but it can make choosing difficult. So how do

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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

First Steps to stop drinking alcohol So you're ready to stop drinking alcohol? For most people, quitting alcohol can be very difficult as the substance can be physically and psychologically addictive. In Australia, a recent study sponsored by St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne assessed 22 drugs to measure and evaluate the risk each drug poses to individuals and the harm it causes to families and society

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