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Alcohol addiction is the most common problems throughout world and is certainly one of the most consumed substances in Australia due to Australia’s strong drinking culture. Alcohol is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, so it slows down processes throughout the mind and body. With the first drink of alcohol, users may experience a decrease in feelings of anxiety or stress. It is commonly used in social situations, meaning people who drink alcohol are more likely to feel confidence when meeting new people and will feel less concerned with how others might perceive them.

In today’s culture, alcohol is often abused and mixed with other drugs. As a CNS depressant, alcohol poses a dangerous risk when taken alongside other drugs of the same class, such as benzodiazepines. Alcohol on its own can be dangerous, but combining it with other substances can quickly prove lethal. Because alcohol is widely accepted in society and is also legal, it can be difficult to discern the difference between abuse and casual use. In general, it can be said that any usage of alcohol that results in harmful consequences is considered abuse. Some of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse include:

  • Physical harm or illness
  • Strained relationships
  • Problems at work
  • Financial difficulty

When abuse becomes more frequent, there’s a potential that it escalate into an addiction. Alcohol addiction is also referred to as alcoholism and is when a person has a craving for alcohol and has the inability to stop drinking—even when it causes tremendous personal or social harm. Signs of alcoholism is frequently drinking more than intended, having the intention to quit drinking but unable to, building a strong tolerance to alcohol and. feeling symptoms of withdrawal upon stopping. Because alcoholism can lead to a damaged liver, seeking alcohol addiction treatment in its early stages is imperative if the liver is to repair itself. It may even be possible for heavy drinkers to recover from alcoholism and for their liver to repair itself, provided they undergo rehabilitation and quit alcohol completely.

The detoxification process for alcohol can be complex and dangerous if not done properly. For alcoholics who are not heavy drinkers, detox generally begins within eight hours after they have consumed their last drink and could typically last between five and seven days. For those with severe alcoholism, it may take two weeks or more for withdrawal symptoms to subside. Withdrawal symptoms for alcoholism may include fatigue, tremors or hallucinations. The detoxification process can be uncomfortable and sometimes problematic. The length of alcohol detox depends on several factors, including the severity of the person’s addiction. In general, the higher the severity of the person’s alcoholism, the longer the detox takes.

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