Admission Process

Requirements in Australia

  • Complete Online Assessment form for us to identify detoxification requirements and patient’s using history
  • Provide statement from GP regarding patient’s condition (recommended)
  • Process information pack from Affordable Rehabs with Terms & Conditions and Indemnity
  • Complete the forms and the 50% downpayment* to Affordable Rehab’s Australian Bank account
  • Provide Affordable Rehabs with your flight details and contact number/s
* As bed spaces are limited, deposits are non refundable unless reasons for early termination are deemed valid

Arriving in the Philippines

  • Affordable Rehabs representative will greet you and assist you onto your connecting flight
  • Affordable Rehabs Director will greet and provide you with welcome pack to ensure a comfortable stay
  • Completion of payment process e.g PayPal
  • Affordable Rehabs Director will escort you to private gated facility for admission

Arriving at the Rehabilitation Center

  • Detoxification either at the private gated rehab facility or nearby hospital depending on client’s condition
  • Medical and psychological consultation with on-site nurses and psychologists
  • Review of Terms and Conditions of Stay and complete the waiver form
  • Assigns client to his/her primary Recovery Coach


  • 12 Step Program meetings
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Regular one-on-one sessions with Affordable Rehab’s Director who will serve as your Case Manager
  • Participate in various sightseeing and adventure activities whilst in recovery

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