About Affordable Rehabs

Affordable Rehabs is an Australian owned company collaborating with residential addiction rehabilitation centres in the Philippines.

These facilities offer affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs. The rehab centres we have chosen are accredited by the Philippine Department of Health.

We have recognised that there is a severe shortage of private rehabilitation facilities in Australia that provide low-cost treatment for drug, alcohol and other forms of addiction. This is why Affordable Rehabs have chosen to work with select private residential rehab centres in the Philippines that specifically tailor to the needs of English-speaking people. These facilities offer 3-month and 6-month treatment programs as their standard.

They are experienced at treating a wide range of substance abuse problems, behavioural issues, and other addictions. Our mission is to provide Australians suffering from addiction with easy access and affordable admission to these facilities.

Once a decision is made to claim one’s life back and live a life free of addiction, we will then choose a rehab facility that matches your needs. We provide a seamless, stress-free and convenient experience before safely handing you over for admittance to the rehabilitation centre. This includes meeting you at the airport, organising transport and in some circumstances, providing accommodation and/or detoxification at a private hospital. After the patient is handed over to the facility, we ensure that we remain their first point of contact throughout the duration of their treatment in case they have any needs and/or concerns.

We believe that treatment doesn’t have to be expensive to make recovery happen. The chance to overcome addiction should be within anyone’s reach.

Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to turn your life around, take this journey, get away from your environmental triggers and allow us to help you focus on the most important thing… you, your health and your future.

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